In Winter time you can meet Algarve and its inhabitants from their true side. From November to March when Northern Europe is battling freezing weather, snow and storms, Portugal keeps its pleasant temperatures and sunny days.
Winter at the coast of Algarve

In the winter month the house in Cerca dos Pomares is ideal for long stays and overwintering. The house is equipped with wood stoves for heating, Internet access and sat-television. Starting at 60 days stay the monthly rent reduces to a reasonable 400 € - 650 € including all utilities, excluding firewood. If interested please do not hesitate to contact me for further information and an individual quote. Naturally, also in the Algarve, there are rainy days after the long, hot and dry Summer. The rainy season mainly takes place between November and February with alternating high and low-pressure weather conditions. In high-pressure conditions, the temperatures vary between 15-23°C during the day and can drop down to 10-0°C during the night. The sky is cloudless, the sun is shining, there is no rainfall. In low-pressure weather conditions, the temperature variations between day and night are slight, normally ranging between 15-18°C during the day and 12-15°C at night time. It is partly cloudy, with some sunshine here and there, and possibility of light and/or heavy rain. In Portuguese Winters, vegetation thrives remarkably lush and flowery. The slopes are now covered with a sea of cistus and lavender flowers and their essential oils perfume the air. The fields and pastures are overgrown with lush and colorful blooming wildflowers - a beautiful setting for hiking and cycling tours. Starting in January the almond trees bloom in delicate white and pink, the yellow blossoms of mimosa and acacia trees are both a bee paradise and eye candy. Guided donkey walks are offered in the neighborhood. The deserted beaches are ideal for long walks and picnics. The water temperatures range between 16-19°C. Fishing, surfing, rock climbing, music, hiking, jogging, cycling ... everything is possible here.